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A Joyful Christmas For Corporate Tax Professional Careers

Corporate Tax Hiring Trends With Tax Reform

For those of us who experienced the impact of the last major tax reform under President Ronald Reagan, I have a prescient message for you “ there will be a lot of new opportunity for tax professionals.” During the TRA 1986  there was a surge of hiring in corporate tax organizations as company executives scrambled to figure out the impact of tax reform legislation on their businesses. Behind  the scenes, we see companies already scrambling to get ahead of the changes about to appear with tax reform. The surge in new jobs and opportunities President Trump talks about is real and it is about to impact the corporate tax profession. The number of tax search experts at the top of our profession who were around at that time you can count on one hand and we all know what is about to happen with tax reform from our previous experiences. There are no computer bots ready to figure out the tax impact for companies as it takes pure human intelligence to research the impact on every tax organization.

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If Unmeasured, Is It Really Success? An Introduction To Measuring Tax Function Value

An introduction to measuring tax function value

One of the challenging topics in tax management is how to measure the success of the function.  Some of the most seasoned tax leaders of the largest organizations will say the main measure of success is the “no surprises” rule; If corporate management is never surprised by a tax result, the tax department and its leaders are deemed successful.  Although the sentiment is understandable, this highly subjective notion is hardly something that can be Read more

Smooth (Tax) Operators Enable Alignment:

Stephen Day

An introduction to the tax operating model

A client called our team in to discuss their “tax transformation roadmap”.  These types of meetings are always challenging. After introductions, the project manager began to explain that their tax transformation would kick off with an MS SharePoint implementation and build from that piece of technology forward.  Although “beginning with the end in mind” is typically a good principle, tactical steps that place too much emphasis on a Read more

Creating Tomorrow’s Tax Value With Today’s Successes

An introduction to sustainable tax value

Shortly after I was appointed chief tax officer (CTO) of a public company, a local attorney sent me a small congratulatory gift.  It was book called 101 Corporate Tax Loopholes.  That did not sit very well with me.  While “loopholes” may be legally defensible, it just sounds bad.  So, in typical smart-alecky Read more

What They Didn’t Teach Us in Tax School: A Guide To Delivering Enterprise Value Through Intentional Tax Function Management



It did not take long to realize that no one had trained me to be the leader of a tax function.

I attended one of the top accounting/tax schools.  I followed the prevailing advice to begin my career with a “Big 6” firm to gain “the best training” possible for CPAs.  Technically, I had a sound background and good mind to apply the knowledge.

The assignments in the “Big 6” firm were exciting.  The clients Read more

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