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Americans Abroad Discussion - Moderator John Richardson, JD



Americans Abroad Discussion - Moderator John Richardson, JD

TaxConnections Americans Abroad Discussion is an important community discussion board. Our Moderator, John Richardson, is a lawyer and dual citizen of Canada and the United States, who assists those dealing with the problems of living as a U.S. citizen (or green card holder) outside the United States. As a dual citizen, he is acutely aware of the problems of FATCA and U.S. "citizenship-based taxation.

The United States is considering its first major tax reform since 1986. One purpose of our "Americans Abroad" community discussion is to to educate the U.S. Government about the problems that "citizenship-based taxation" and FATCA cause in the lives of Americans abroad. We hope that you participate actively in the discussions.

TaxConnections Americans Abroad discussion board wants to hear your personal stories about the impact of the U.S. policy of citizenship based taxation on your lives. Citizenship based taxation is where the U.S. government taxes U.S. citizens no matter where they live in the world. However, this policy makes no sense for people who were born in the U.S. but have lived their entire lives in another country. Residency based taxation is adopted by the majority of countries around the world but not the United States.

Please listen to the stories and watch the videos of real lives being affected by a country who relies on U.S.citizenship based taxation versus residency based taxation (the person lives and resides in this country).

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