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You Are Invited To The Award Winning TaxCalendar Lesson


You are invited to a tour of the award winning tax calendar that keeps all tax returns organized all year around! This easy to use, high quality, low cost tax calendar is tailor made to manage all your corporate tax or clients tax returns.

It tracks all taxes and tax deadlines and effectively manages any tax return, tax due dates, filing extensions, amended tax returns, notices and important dates and payments.

The TaxCalendar tracks all federal, state international, property, sales and use, excise, franchise, estimated tax payments, quarterly and annual tax payments, business licenses, HST/GST, value added tax and annual reports.

The TaxCalendar has a customizable electronic filing cabinet, built in document management system, customizable fields, manages multiple tax years, manages multiple clients, tracks all tax obligations and due dates, mass filing, editing and roll over functionality, reminders and alerts on all tax returns, reports tax department and staff progress, rollover data from prior years, tracks notices for companies, workflow management tool and sets and schedules staff tasks.

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