4 thoughts on “Will The IRS Find Your Foreign Bank Account?

  1. Avatar calgary411 says:

    You do not need to be in compliance with US taxes at the time you renounce a US-deemed US citizenship. The act of relinquishment / renunciation has nothing to do with taxes and you should not be asked about compliance!

  2. Avatar PierreD says:

    Thank You VERY MUCH Calgary 411. You’re absolutely correct that renunciation is totally separate from tax regulations. Renounce and Rejoice!

  3. Avatar Robert Johnson says:

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  4. Avatar Nononymous says:

    If you have no US assets or income, and dual citizenship, it doesn’t much matter if the IRS finds your “foreign” bank account – they can’t collect penalties. There is no incentive to waste time and money becoming compliant.

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