Wide Open Borders Will Cost Taxpayers Billions: Understand What Is Happening


With the standoff between the Federal Government and the States regarding immigration, the cost to taxpayers is increasing in many ways.  While all of this is going on we need to pay closer attention and watch the tax increases coming through new tax legislation.  It is time for tax professionals to operate at the top of the profession in protecting taxpayers from the tax increases coming to pay for all of this illegal immigration at the taxpayers expense.

According to an article on Reuters, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service plans to hire nearly 20,000 new employees and deploy new technology over the next two years as it ramps up an $80 billion investment plan to improve tax enforcement and customer service.

You should watch this video so you understand what is actually happening so you are wide awake and work together to help taxpayers. This video is a stunner wake up call for us all!


Be part of the solution and share this article and video above.  Thank God we have men like this in the USA you meet in this video!

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1 comment on “Wide Open Borders Will Cost Taxpayers Billions: Understand What Is Happening”

  • 1. The borders are not wide open. Stop pedaling the fear narrative!
    2. A bipartisan group of esteemed elected officials have been working tirelessly to arrive at sensible immigration legislation.
    3. The current administration has REPEATEDLY ASKED Congress for funding to ENFORCE our current immigration laws BETTER.
    4. A SMALL group of extremist legislators are holding us ALL HOSTAGE because they want to sell fear of immigration as a rallying cry for the next presidential election.
    5. Unless you are NATIVE AMERICAN, you are either an immigrant or come from immigrants. THAT is what makes America great!


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