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Why Does An Economist Want To Raise Taxes To 70% – 80% (Using Celebrities And Athletes To Do So)

Tax Increases Coming

There is a Master Class being marketed to new generations of students online. This course teaches students they should rely on the government to take care of people; and raise taxes to 70% to 80%. The Master Class is taught by Economist Paul Krugman who states in the course preview  “When you are trying to be doing tax policy, the first thing you want to ask is, how much money do we need? How big a government do we want?” Klugman states “We need a tax system that collects a lot of money.”

What the Master Class does is use celebrities and famous athletes to communicate this message to a new generation of youthful taxpayers. The course promotes itself as learning from the world’s best entrepreneurs. It is using celebrity to motivate their students thinking to rely on the government. Take time to learn what Nobel Prize winning Economists like Paul Krugman are teaching Video: Understanding Taxes.  Look on Wikipedia to see who funded Master Class. It was Yanka Industries, and if you look deeper The Walt Disney CEO is also investing in educating our kids:

This week, MasterClass raised $100 million in a Series E investment round led by Fidelity Management & Research Company. Other investors include Owl Ventures, 01 Advisors and previous backers NEA, IVP, Atomico and NextEquity. This latest capital infusion “puts us on the IPO path,” says co-founder and CEO David Rogier. May 21, 2020

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TaxConnections asks our tax professional community to have their voices be heard. TaxConnections provides a non – partisan platform for all voices on tax issues. We need your “eagle expert eyes” to stay on top of tax rules and regulations the public may not be aware of right now. Many tax professionals find clients caught in tax matters that had little transparency until the tax issue arises.

Tax professionals need to educate taxpayers about what is happening with tax rules and regulations. On December 30, 2020, I posted a blog titled “Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 – An Important Question To Ask”.  Until recently, the government posted a truncated version and then in January the other 2467 pages appeared of this 5593 page document.

Read through these pages and see what you can find and bring it to the attention of us. We must work together or we will find ourselves looking at 70% to 80% taxes. We must educate taxpayers and businesses on the economic impact of tax increases. Our focus is supporting and informing tax professional members, and individual taxpayers on a quickly changing tax environment.

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2 thoughts on “Why Does An Economist Want To Raise Taxes To 70% – 80% (Using Celebrities And Athletes To Do So)

  1. Avatar Jim McKnight says:

    Unfortunately Krugman is an out of touch liberal economist that throws up large dose of utopian state economics that has failed as miserable as the nations that have tried them. Students would be better off listening to the late Walter Williams and Milton Freedman as well as Thomas Sowell.

    They are economists that have many examples of the failure of big, top down government nanny states. For example, I wonder how many people realize that before Korea divided into the communist North and free South countries that the northern part of Korea was the wealthy part of the region?

    I could go on, but I think a reasonable person would either understand my point or check out the above 3 economists works and compare that against Krugman.

    The late Prime Minister of the UK, Margret Thatcher, had it right that the problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.

  2. Avatar Gary Carter says:

    Thanks for this. Krugman is a prime example of a Nobel laureate economist who is clueless about economics but very skilled at indoctrination.

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