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Webinar Jan. 19th – Mastering Video For Your Business

Webinar Jan 19th

Understanding and using video is a powerful tool to have for your business. Looking at past trends, 2016 seems to be a huge year for using video. it has been reported that 61% of businesses in the United States have started using video as a form of marketing. About 66% of these business did not use video in 2015.

If we look at society today, much of the information is in the palm of our hand. Smartphones and handheld devices are pretty much everywhere and are widely used as a primary place for people to receive information.

If we look at mobile as a platform, video goes hand-in-hand. from the span of 2012-2014, video views have increases by over 400%. YouTube remains a highly used platform to host videos of all content and it usage rises two-fold every year. All this information points to audiences loving video.

So why wouldn’t you use video for your business?

There are many questions that you may have which will be covered by our webinar on January 19th, 1:00 P.M. PST.

In collaboration with Local Marketing Solutions Group, Inc., the webinar will be addressing topics such as:

—Why Video?
—The Various Uses for Video…Lead Generation, Social and More!
—Best Practices for Video Development, Production and Deployment.

*Three Webinar Attendees will have the opportunity to win FREE Basic Video Production for their tax practice.

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