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UK HMRC Plans For National Insurance Simplification

Now this summer there was a consultation published by HMRC…  See Video

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Hello, I’m James McBrearty.

Now this summer there was a consultation published by HMRC talking about simplifying National Insurance. Now at the moment, for the self-employed people there’s two types of National Insurance:

• There is Class 2, that is paid as a weekly amount and

• Then there is Class 4 that’s paid on profit at the end of the year.

And what HMRC are looking at is the possibility of simplifying things so that you pay an National Insurance at the end of the year along with your self assessment tax. It would avoid all the collection problems during the year and just make it simpler for people.

So I’ll be looking at the consultation and I will be reporting back on the results. And if you’d like to be advised of that, please [connect with me on TaxConnections]. I will be posting an update as soon as I hear back from HMRC.

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