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The War For Talent Goes Virtual – Tax Professionals Working Virtually

Kat Jennings - The War For Virtual Professionals

The rise of the internet has completely changed the hiring process. The advances in communication technology and internet access have changed the way companies do business today. Many companies have eliminated the traditional office setting to hire professionals who work virtually. What does it really mean to work virtually? Virtual professionals work from a location other than a company headquarters and communicate via telephone, emails and video conferencing. Professionals working virtually may work from home, traveling from city to city, an airport kiosk, and sitting in a coffee shop or restaurant.

Look around today and you will see professionals are working from every imaginable location. The desire to become a virtual professional is increasing each year for very good reasons: virtual professionals are proving to be most productive.  When you offer professionals a virtual work option, a chance to work where they feel most productive, this completely transforms their view of their job as they are more motivated to justify this work arrangement.

What Are The Benefits Associated With Hiring A Virtual Tax Professional?

1) Employers are hiring the very best professionals are no longer limited by geographical location.

2) Employers reduce overhead costs associated with office space needed to increase workforce.

3) Employers workforce is more productive because virtual professionals enjoy fewer distractions.

4) Employers with virtual professionals experience less absences from sick time and family leave.

5) Employers employees no longer have to deal with the stresses of traffic or inclement weather.

6) Employers reduce number of hours spent commuting, gain more production from employees.

7) Employers reduce carbon footprint of roadway traffic, increase safety and reduce accidents.

What Are The Benefits Associated With Being A Virtual Tax Professional?

1) Virtual professionals are happier and more productive working from a location of choice.

2) Virtual professionals can work through a virtual office, virtual phone and virtual mailbox.

3) Virtual professionals stay connected to employers with video conferencing technology.

4) Virtual professionals increase productivity in an environment with fewer interruptions.

5) Virtual professionals who have a flexible work schedule are more satisfied with work/life.

6) Virtual professionals spend less time commuting to work and more time producing work.

7) Virtual professionals decrease the amount of stress from work and are more productive.

Learn About Virtual Professionals From These Studies And Surveys

  • Premier Global Services Telework Survey reports sixty-eight percent of professionals would leave current employer for a similar job if they could work virtually.
  • Study by the University of Illinois found that telecommuters want to be seen as “good citizens” of the company in order to justify their flexible work arrangements.
  • Study from Staples found that professionals working from home experienced twenty-five percent less stress, maintain a better work-life balance and eat healthier.
  • Study published by Stanford University reported offering remote work options reduced employee turnover and job attrition rates fell by over fifty percent.
  • Forbes Inc. reported that Aetna Inc. shed 2.7 million square feet of office space saving over seventy-eight million dollars annually.
  • Harvard Business Review reported that eighty-seven percent of virtual workers feel more connected through the use of video conferencing.

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Kat Jennings, CEO


2 thoughts on “The War For Talent Goes Virtual – Tax Professionals Working Virtually

  1. Avatar Anthony Kerr says:

    I think its a excellent idea and it does make total sense to do this. One question I would have is how does a company secure the information of their clients and give that client total assurance that they have the ability to withstand any outside threats to the client information.

    • TaxConnections Admin TaxConnections Admin says:

      This is the question of the century as the hackers are much more sophisticated than even big companies and governments can handle.
      Kat Jennings

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