Tax Professionals Are Elevating Their Tax Expertise And Services Online With A Virtual Office

Tax Professionals Are Elevating Their Tax Expertise And Services Online With A Virtual Office

Another valuable feature of TaxConnections Membership is our Virtual Office technology. Although you gain several features in a TaxConnections Virtual Office, we believe the most important feature in your Virtual Office is your ability to store all your important business links.

If your computer shuts down due to a storm, fire, hurricane, or any other disaster which occurs where you are displaced from your business office, our Members store important links to services in the cloud in their TaxConnections Virtual Office. It is very easy to upload links in your Virtual Office as we do not ever ask for or need your passwords. TaxConnections Virtual Office is a smart way to organize all your links in the cloud in case you lose access to them due to an unforeseen event. A TaxConnections Virtual Office is your backup insurance plan to easily organize and access your entire business operation in the cloud from your cell phone. It is very easy to input the links in your Virtual Office simply by clicking on your “Welcome YOUR NAME” green dropdown navigation bar that appears in the upper right hand corner only after you Login first. You then click on Virtual Office and follow instructions from there.


Additional Features And Benefits Of A TaxConnections Virtual Office

  1. Upload and organize all your cloud services in your TaxConnections Virtual Office to one easy to access location from your cell phone.
  2. Upload your tax articles to your Personal Library so potential and current clients can access them easily online in one location.
  3. Upload your Podcasts so current and potential clients can learn more about your personality, services, and products.
  4. All of your content links work together to elevate your professional profile online. TaxConnections Membership ensures the professional assets you have built ( articles, blogs, podcasts, Qs & As, Professional Profile, Publications, Recommendations, X, etc.) work together to elevate your visibility online and not a big tech company utilizing all your assets to raise their visibility. It is time to take back the power of all your online assets by linking them together in one location that benefits and elevates you!
  5. All TaxConnections Membership features work together to raise your professional visibility online for less than one dollar a day.

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TaxConnections is where to find leading tax experts and technology around the world. Discover tax professionals who offer you a wide range of tax expertise and be more informed about the technology that supports them in operating efficiently and successfully.

TaxConnections connects tax professionals with new tax clients and tax jobs around the world. Tax Professional Members establish higher visibility online so prospective clients and employers can find our members easily. Each members also receives a Virtual Tax Office which is the most valuable online real estate available today! TaxConnections makes a difference in your professional life.

We offer a Special Membership rate to tax professionals out of work.

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