Tax Professional Alert: Update TaxConnections Profile To Receive Business Referrals

Tax Professional Alert: Update TaxConnections Profile To Receive Business Referrals

This is the time of the year TaxConnections receives an increase in requests from taxpayers all over the world searching the site for a tax expert to connect to. There is definitely an uptick this year from taxpayers searching for a wide range of tax expertise. While I was working at my desk this past Sunday the phone was ringing from taxpayers calling and looking for referrals to the tax expert they needed. I referred them to our members. We invite you to subscribe as a TaxConnections Member so we may refer new business to you this year. When you are seen on TaxConnections, and your Membership is up to date, you will receive referrals from us. You can tell if you are up to date simply by Logging In to If you registered years ago and have not Logged into your online profile in  long time, please call us at 858.999.0053 as you may require a special accommodation to access your online profile. We encourage you to look at the features available to you as a TaxConnections Member at this blog and video at this link.

Above all, I want to tell you that as many big tech sites now collect your data and use it to aggregate information for their own purposes, TaxConnections believes in protecting your privacy. We do not share your information with anyone outside our organization. We are the site protecting and respecting your data and information. We highly recommend you make it a priority to protect your online data and privacy more than ever. We are happy to share with members a special report when you ask for it. This Special report discusses what is  happening to your Professional Profile information on many big tech sites. I am a big fan of Rob Braxman (The Internet Privacy Guy) on YouTube and highly recommend you learn from him. He provides a lot of information you need to know now. Also, I am happy to send our paid members a copy of the research we have done that will greatly surprise you. The point is you need to protect yourself and the way you do this is by becoming more informed and educated about how you are currently operating online.

We Care About Your Success Online. We Respect Your Privacy.

Kat Jennings, CEO

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