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How To Qualify For IRS Uncollectible (Hardship) Status, If You Are Unable To Pay Your Tax Bill

TaxConnections Member Milton Boothe

If you owe the IRS, and are unable to settle your tax bill because you do not have the resources to do so; don’t panic, there might be a way out – the IRS could declare you “Uncollectible.”

In order to be declared uncollectible by the IRS you will have to prove to them that if they were to collect the tax owed to them it would create unfair economic hardship for you. The IRS doesn’t necessarily have a set formula for declaring individuals uncollectible, and will consider each person on a case by case basis; so there is no guarantee, but it’s worth a try.

The IRS will evaluate individuals to see if further collection of taxes from them would create economic hardship, and will probably look at a specific factor or a number of factors combined to determine if you indeed qualify for this Read more