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Radio Show Host Talks His Way To A Win In Tax Court On Employment Status: Employee V. Independent Contractor

Radio Show Host Talks His Way To A Win In Tax Court On Employment Status

A radio show host demonstrated that he could talk as well in tax court as he could in front of a microphone. At issue was the question of whether or not a person can be an employee as well as an independent contractor simultaneously with the same employer.

During 2007, Juan A. Ramirez was employed by Univision as an on-air talent and program director for radio station KXTN in San Antonio, Texas. In addition, to hosting a five-hour, six days a week radio program, his contract also called for him to perform various other duties.

These duties included working as an announcer at the radio station, attending staff meetings, and promoting the station in general by making off air appearances. For those services, Mr. Ramirez received a base salary, bonuses and stock options in Univision, the parent company of KXTN. Ramirez’s employment agreement stated that his work was subject to the control of Univision and that he was to live up to Univision’s professional standards in all aspects.

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Tax Cuts Jobs Act (TCJA) – Changes To Deductions For Meals, Entertainment, And Expenditures

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act[1] (“TCJA”) made various changes to the deductibility of certain entertainment, amusement, recreation, meals, and fringe benefit expenditures[2]. The central theme of the items below was to close the gap where items were previously deductible by an employer and not includible in the income of the employee (i.e., permanent differences with the Treasury losing on both ends). Rather than attempt to tax the recipient, Treasury appears to have generally chosen to deny deductibility to the employer (while retaining non-inclusion by the recipient).

Below is a summary of the relevant provisions impacted by TCJA: Read more