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So What Does “Non-Willful” Really Mean Under The Streamlined OVDP?

It appears that whatever Non-Willful means outside of the OVDP streamline program; it is certainly being applied differently in evaluating a Taxpayer’s ability to transition from the OVDP program into this new 2014 streamline program.

Below I’ve attached two excerpts one from Forbes and one from BNA Daily Tax Report, both verifying that taxpayers who are currently in the OVDP program are having very little success in proving “non-willfulness” during their requests for transition into the new 2014 streamline procedure.

1. Am I Non-Willful Under The OVDP Streamlined Procedures?
Taxpayers recently attempting to transition from the OVDP into the streamlined procedures Read more

Beyond The FBAR

Other Civil Penalties Lying In Wait For The Unwary Taxpayer With Undisclosed Offshore Assets

With all of the focus on FBAR penalties when it comes to foreign asset reporting, it’s easy to overlook the others, some of which can be just as onerous as the FBAR penalty itself. What other pestilent civil penalties are lying in wait for the unwary taxpayer who decides not to participate in one of the IRS’s voluntary disclosure programs and is subsequently audited?

I. Failure to File a Tax Return Penalty

The civil penalty applicable for failure to timely file returns is section 6651(a)(1). This Read more

Learn The Real Facts: Unresolved US Tax Liabilities, Re-Entry To USA, Renewal Or Revocation of Your US Passport

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet nowadays on this topic. While overseas Americans must be careful not to fall prey to, what I consider, unscrupulous advisors that liberally employ certain scare tactics, neither must such Americans be complacent with their tax situation. It is clear that the Internal Revenue Service and Congress have set their sights on United States persons living and working abroad because the potential for tax evasion is greater with offshore assets and accounts. Here’s the scoop about unresolved tax liabilities and what they can mean for the American living abroad.

Federal Tax Lien

Taxpayers living overseas are often misinformed or often conveniently forget about their US Read more

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