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What’s In Your Wallet? Uncle Sam Wants To Know

Folks with Panamanian bank accounts may soon be getting some official-looking envelopes in the mail, as the Justice Department recently served John Doe subpoenas on FedEx, DHL, Western Union and a number of other shipping and wire transfer companies. These summonses require the targets to turn over any documents or material relating to their business with Panama-based Sovereign Management and Legal, Ltd.

With typical government bravado, Deputy AG David Hubbert warned that “the world is getting smaller for tax cheats, and we will work with our partners at the IRS to vigorously enforce the nation’s tax laws against those who seek to avoid paying their fair share.” Read more

Not On My Watch

When European financial giant Credit Suisse AG pleaded guilty to assisting U.S. taxpayers evade federal income tax, there was a great deal of swagger at the Justice Department. Former Attorney General Eric Holder, in classic Clint Eastwood style, boldly proclaimed that “no financial institution. . .is above the law,” and that any other bank which dared engage in such “brazen misconduct” would be “prosecut[ed] to the fullest extent possible.” Not to be outdone, Deputy AG James Cole warned investors that, if government investigators began asking questions, “[o]nly through full cooperation will you avoid the most severe sanctions.”

Tough words, indeed. But what is behind the Justice Department’s bravado, and what options do you have if you get a not-so-friendly phone call or if authorities suddenly Read more