This is a ten-part Worldwide Tax Blog Series on a cross section of amendments in the Irish Tax System and a general overview:

Universal Social Charge – Part 1

The Remittance Basis for Income Tax – Part 2

The Remittance Basis for Capital Gains Tax – Part 3

Taxation of Certain Social Welfare Benefits – Part 4

Mortgage Interest Relief – Part 5

Donations To Approved Bodies – Part 6

Farm Restructuring Relief – Part 7

FATCA – The US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act – Part 8

Close Company Surcharge – Part 9

Stamp Duty – Part 10



Prior to the Finance Act 2013, tax relief for donations was given in two ways:

1.  The self employed individuals and companies received a tax deduction for donations made to approved bodies subject to certain conditions.
2.  PAYE workers (employees paid through the PAYE system) did not obtain a tax deduction.  Instead the approved body applied to Revenue for a repayment as if the PAYE worker had made the donation net of tax at the individual’s marginal tax rate i.e. 41%.

The new provisions have resulted in: Read More