It has been a rallying cry that is as old as time and that rivals that of the standing ovation that the Rangers receive after scoring a power play goal: “Corporate tax in this country needs to be reformed.” Who is leading the charge? America’s chief executives. What is responsible for catapulting this into the public eye? None other than the nation’s aging tax code, which has been blamed for putting U.S. multinational corporations at a competitive disadvantage in the global marketplace.

As tax reform chatter grows louder, chief executives have become more outspoken. Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s chief executive, told lawmakers, “Apple has recommended to the Obama administration and several members of Congress — and suggests to the subcommittee today — to pass legislation that Read More

California’s largest tax revenue source by far is its personal income tax. This tax generated 67% of total tax revenues for FY 2012-2013’s General Fund. As shown in the pie chart from the California State Controller’s Office, the corporate income tax only provided 8% of state tax revenues.

Seven states do not impose an income tax and two states impose it on only a portion of one’s income. How can they do that? A recent article in answers that question. See “No-income-tax states use other taxes to pay the bills: Axing Ohio’s Income Tax,” by Robert Higgs, 10/2/14.

The seven states without an income tax are: Read More