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Tag Archive for Certificate Of Compliance

Can the “Sailing Permit” Become the Next FBAR? Bringing Home the Money

What is a “Sailing Permit”?

A Certificate of Compliance, or “Sailing Permit,” is a tax form that a foreign (non-US) individual must file with the IRS to demonstrate that he/she has paid all applicable U.S. taxes before departing the United States. The purpose of the “sailing permit” is to establish whether a departing foreign national owes any tax dollars to the US government before he leaves the country. Foreign executives and professionals working temporarily in the US can potentially be a large source of revenue for the US’ ailing fisc. The envisioned procedure was set to be easily administered. Prior to departure, the foreigner was to report to an IRS office and submit a preliminary tax computation, as well as pay the amounts due. The person Read more