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CPA Streamlines Clients With Practice Ignition

Practice Ignition

Jay Kimelman, the Digital CPA has been using Practice Ignition for 3 years now.  It was the tax extension filing season when he had that a-ha moment.  Jay stated he loved Practice Ignition from first sight, but once he got access to payments, it took his practice to the next level of streamlining.

As accountants, bookkeepers and consultants, we should all be preparing and collecting signed engagement letters.  Practice Ignition makes this easy.  Add your base engagement letter as a template.  Set up your services, add the specifics of the service and then add the language to embed in the services section of the engagement letter.  Create the proposal, add your services, adjust the pricing and let it fly.  Within seconds the client get the email, reviews the proposal and can accept.

Practice Ignition integrates with Xero and Xero Practice Manager (XPM) (and QBO).  If enabled, upon acceptance of a proposal, the invoice, is sent to Xero and  a job is created in XPM. The later can get the onboarding  process kicked off, ensuring a happy client. If this is a recurring job, Practice Ignition will create the invoice each month.

If you enabled payments, upon acceptance and recurring, Practice Ignition will process the clients payment. Practice Ignition is auto-pilot for your firm…….

Like Jay Kimelman said, he went all in on Practice Ignition as he completed all of the tax returns that he had on extension. Practice Ignition enabled him to send the client the tax engagement letter, invoice and payment request in a matter of minutes.  He knew the invoice was paid and could proceed on easily with Practice Ignition software.