3 comments on “Rand Paul Files Federal Lawsuit Against U.S. Treasury And IRS Over IGA’s

    • James Kronenberg

      Mr. Michael DeBlis III

      I have grave concern over the factual validity and the source behind your article’s reference to “As a result, nearly nine million expats have somewhat reluctantly renounced their citizenship, a matter that I blogged on previously.”

      It makes no reference to any time period involved and leaves the impression these 9,000,000 renounced US citizenship since Obama became President as a means of protest to his policies including
      FATCA accords with foreign powers as IGAs(Inter-Governmental Agreements).

      Also, you stated that “Mr. Yue denies that the suit is all about votes in November. “The best way to defend 8.7 million overseas Americans’ right to privacy and constitutional protections is to cripple the IRS, FATCA and enforcement tools through legal action on constitutional grounds all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court,” he boldly proclaimed.” – this also appears to be somehow connected to that 9 million figure but they are identified in your discussion as completely different classifications since the 8.7 million looks like US “expats” living overseas and still US citizens subject to US income taxation rather than 9 million renouncing their US citizenship.

      Looking forward to your response over these concerns. Thank you !

  • Mr. Michael DeBlis III,

    Americans living abroad have local accounts, not “foreign accounts”. They bank locally in the city where they live, not in the foreign country where you live. Do you also argue that your local account is foreign since it is located in a different country from Americans living abroad? Of course not. So, please treat expats with the same respect that you treat yourself and do your fair share of filing FBAR’s and FATCA’s for your local account, just as how such is demanded from others.

    Why do you write that only unrepresented expats are complaining about discrimination? Your government created laws prohibiting discrimination, so wouldn’t it make more sense for you and your government to take its own laws seriously, ensuring that innocent Americans living abroad are not being harmed your domestic problems which are foreign to people living abroad?

    I’m looking forward to the day when more people stand up and fight for what is right instead of defending or even justifying the faults and flaws of the jurisdiction where they reside.

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