New York State Senators Propose An Immigrant Tax

Tax Proposal In New York

According to the website of New York Senator Thomas O’Mara he will not support the proposed immigrant tax.
State Senator Tom O’Mara (R,C-Big Flats)joined Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt and members of the Senate Republican Conference to respond to a recent proposal by leading state Senate Democrats to impose a “Migrant Tax” on New Yorkers to address the burgeoning migrant crisis statewide.

The Senate GOP penned a letter calling on Senate Democrats to immediately dismiss the proposal.

The letter (see attached copy) reads, in part, “We have seen our local resources drained and not only chaos, but danger unfolding. It is deeply offensive that we would force New Yorkers to continue to foot the bill for the failures of Washington and Albany politicians as this crisis grows, a bill that Mayor Adams has estimated will cost the State of New York $12 billion to house and provide services to migrants over the next three years…New Yorkers have already been forced to shoulder this burden in an already tenuous economy. As members of the Senate Republican Conference, we have consistently stood with the taxpayers of New York State and we urge the Majority to reject any effort to raise taxes.”

O’Mara, the ranking member on the Senate Finance and Government Operations committees, said, “There’s no end in sight to New York’s border crisis and true to form, the only answer from some leading Albany Democrats is to want state and local taxpayers to foot the bill for ongoing chaos. It is a complete failure of leadership and common sense at the state and federal levels, and it just keeps getting worse. Upstate localities have every right to protect their communities from an onslaught of asylum seekers that threaten to overrun local resources, social services, schools, and budgets, to mention nothing of the public health and safety concerns. New York State taxpayers should never be forced to bail these sanctuary city Democrats out of a disaster of their own making.”

Senate Republican Leader Ortt said, “This migrant crisis was fueled by failed Democrat policies in Washington, Albany, and New York City. Now the Socialists in Albany want hardworking New Yorkers to foot the bill. The real solution is simple: Albany leadership needs to revoke the sanctuary status and right to shelter policies in New York to end this crisis. There should be no other idea on the table.”

Deputy Senate Republican Leader Andrew Lanza said, “It is clear that while the governor and her party publicly call it a crisis, it is actually their plan. A plan to undermine the rights and liberties of American citizens. They are hell bent on subjugating New Yorkers to ever more expansive government with crushing taxes, oppressive mandates and crazy un-American policies. However, they underestimate the will of the people to live free.”

In September, the Senate and Assembly Republican conferences sent letters to Governor Hochul urging her to convene an extraordinary session of the Legislature in order to take action to ensure funding for affected communities, revoke sanctuary status to stem the influx of migrants, ensure local control for communities, and take further actions to ensure taxpayers are protected.

You can contact Senator Thomas O’Mara here.
You can contact Rob Ortt here.

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