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Motivational Quotes To Inspire You Today And Always

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“In truth, the only difference between those who have failed and those who have succeeded lies in the difference of their habits.”
~ Og Mandino, Motivational American Author

” Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.” ~ Og Mandino

“And so long as I can laugh, I will never be poor.” ~ Og Mandino

“Always render more and better service than is expected of you, no matter what your task may be.” ~ Og Mandino

“Your only limitations are those you set up in your mind, or permit others to set up for you.” ~ Og Mandino

“I will greet this day with love in my heart for this is the greatest secret of success in all ventures.” ~ Og Mandino

“I will act now! I will act now! I will act now!” Henceforth, I will repeat these words each hour, each day, everyday, until the words become as much as a habit as my breathing.” ~ Og Mandino

“So long as there is breath in me, that long I will persist. For now I know one of the greatest principles of success is if I persist long enough, I will win.” ~ Og Mandino

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