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Looking For A Tax Job In Current Market? Do This First

Looking For A Tax Job In Current Market? Do This First

There are many tax professionals who are wondering what the job market really looks like for the tax profession. Based on local, state, national and international revenue authorities need to raise revenue, you can easily see tax professionals are going to be in high demand. What do tax professionals who want to find a new job or consulting clients do to increase their chance of success?

As an expert connecting tax professionals with people and organizations searching for tax expertise, we encounter the following situations most often:

  1. Tax Professionals hidden and no one can find them easily.
  2. Tax Professionals with profiles blocked behind paywalls.
  3. Tax Professionals unaware of affordable professional branding.
  4. Tax Professionals who need help to navigate a career online.

As an internationally known expert in search for tax executives, I have spent three decades finding the best talent in the tax profession for multinational corporations, public accounting firms, law firms and software companies. The disconnect of tax professional talent with the companies who need them is a growing problem. What TaxConnections is doing is growing a global community of tax professionals and making it easier to find them online.

Tax professionals in corporations make the mistake of thinking they do not need to market themselves during their corporate tax careers. Given my experience, I want to tell you that the tax executives who made it to the top of the profession thirty years ago, thirty months ago and thirty days ago are the ones who built powerful brand identity. In other words, the corporate tax professionals I placed making 500K to 1M a year are really good at building strong reputations for themselves. It is really quiet that simple! What you should know is TaxConnections was built to help tax professionals grow recognizable, powerful online reputations.

We were very surprised when we took a very close look at the number of companies, organizations and recruiters visiting our site to find expertise. It is an impressive list of who’s who in multinational organizations and executives searching TaxConnections for a wide range of tax expertise. It is much easier to find a tax professional on TaxConnections over any other site.

There is something interesting we know that is hurting independent tax advisors who use only Facebook as their website presence. There are millions of people who do not use Facebook due to its problems with suppression of information. Facebook is a walled garden and it controls all of the information you and those inside their network receive. How will people ever find your tax advisory practice if this is the only presence for your online tax reputation? Tax professionals who rely only on Facebook for their marketing presence need to expand their opportunities.Tax professionals on a budget will benefit from TaxConnections Special Membership. We offer this to help those currently out of work in the tax profession or looking to affordably establish online presence on an authority site for tax expertise.

If your professional profile is on a site that charges people to see you and send you a message, you are losing business opportunities. You need to think what is best in attracting new business opportunities to your tax expertise. Is it in your best career interest when people are asked to pay to view your online professional profile and send a message; OR is it in your best professional interest to ensure everyone can find and connect with you for free.   Take control of your professional profile online so people can find you for free starting today with a Special Membership.

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TaxConnections is where to find leading tax experts and technology around the world. Discover tax professionals who offer you a wide range of tax expertise and be more informed about the technology that supports them in operating efficiently and successfully.

TaxConnections connects tax professionals with new tax clients and tax jobs around the world. Tax Professional Members establish higher visibility online so prospective clients and employers can find our members easily. Each members also receives a Virtual Tax Office which is the most valuable online real estate available today! TaxConnections makes a difference in your professional life.

We offer a Special Membership rate to tax professionals out of work.

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