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IRS Encourages Modernization Of Electronic Filings: 30M Taxpayer Paper Filed Tax Returns Destroyed

IRS Encourages Modernization Of Electronic Filings: Destroys More Than 30M Taxpayer Paper Filed Tax Returns

Treasury Inspector General For Tax Administration Report

The IRS has taken a number of actions and developed initiatives in an effort to increase e-filing. Furthermore, legislative requirements have resulted and will continue to result in increases in e-filing. The
backlogs of paper tax and information returns to be processed along
with the inability to ship paper tax returns and/or retrieve paper tax
returns from Federal Records Centers due to the pandemic
demonstrate the need for the IRS to develop a Service-wide strategy to further increase e-filing. However, the IRS does not have a Service-wide strategy that identifies, prioritizes, and provides a
timeline for the addition of tax forms for e-filing nor an accurate and
comprehensive list of tax forms not available to e-file.

Read The Full Report Of May 4, 2022

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