How TaxConnections Beat Facebook And LinkedIn

As the CEO of TaxConnections who has worked tirelessly to build a site for the global tax community, I want to share facts published by Amazon on March 13, 2017. Amazon/Alexa Analytics prove we are surpassing every site including LinkedIn and Facebook on Pageviews and Time on Site (minutes).

Our visitors from more than 190 countries are paying attention to you! In the process, we are improving client acquisition opportunities for our members.

TaxConnections technology is known for giving you professional representation online and avenues which people can connect with you for free! As many of you already know, we have launched the first true Virtual Offices in the cloud for the tax profession. In addition to driving new clients to our professionals, we also research, curate, and negotiate the best products at discounted rates for members. Each virtual office is filled with valuable resources and opportunities exclusively for members.

Professionals want more security in uncertain markets and our Virtual Office technology brings every professional in our community security. What we have built literally enables a professional to have a virtual office in the cloud in less than 30 minutes. Professionals will have very resource they need to conduct business with a cell phone and a laptop including our ability to drive new clients to our members. It is amazing!

TaxConnections software was developed for multiple business verticals. We welcome the opportunity to speak directly with other business verticals who would like to license our technology. Contact us at to set up a meeting.

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March 13, 2017 Alexa Stats

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Tax Professionals – The Key To Your Key To Success Is TaxConnections Premium Membership.

Kat Jennings founded, the first tax media site promoting and marketing tax professionals worldwide. With a world of tax innovation at our fingertips, TaxConnections brings the the first Virtual Tax Offices in history to market.
While many companies talk about the future of Virtual Offices, Kat Jennings was the first to bring virtual offices to the cloud for professionals enabling them to work from any location in the world with a laptop and/or cell phone. With future iterations, our technology will be available to multiple business verticals and professionals worldwide.

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