Enrolled Agent Preparation Exam Course (By Nationally Recognized EA Exam Instructor Tax Mama)

EA Prep Exam

The only live & interactive online EA course – get your questions answered and doubts clarified right away!
Includes these standalone study tools: Lambers, Gleim, and TheTaxBook*!
TaxMama® teaches tax law, practice and representation in live classes – from the ground up!
TaxMama® guides you through several tax return samples and forms to help you see how the tax laws and procedures work for real-world clients – not just for the exams!
TaxMama® teaches you how to read your clients minds, offers templates to help you start your own tax practice and screen clients, and gives you priceless tips to make your professional life easier after you become an EA!
TaxMama® students get additional test-taking coaching in twelve 4-hour Final Review sessions (four per exam part) in addition to the course lectures!
TaxMama® teaches you how to overcome your fear when facing exam questions!
TaxMama® students have unlimited access to a dedicated mentoring portal – even after they pass!
TaxMama’s® courses are all recorded, you have unlimited replays of all classes (video AND audio)
TaxMama’s® course is like a 3-year tax education in 6 months (or less)!
TaxMama® students can join lectures for free – every year (and can get CE for only a small fee)!
TaxMama’s® EA course provides up to 80 hours CE – including all 15 CE credits needed for the Reduced AFSP Certificate of Completion – helping you to improve your professional status before you get your EA credential!
TaxMama’s® EA course is easy to customize to fit your needs.

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