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Complimentary Christmas Gift For Tax Professionals: Corporate Tax Organizations And Tax Services Firms Greatly Benefit

Akore Tax Calendar - Free Scanning Services

Whether you are a corporate tax executive, a public accounting firm or an independent tax services provider, you must ask yourself how organized your company’s or clients tax returns really are this year. Disruptions in business operations during the 2020 pandemic have left tax professionals wanting more organization. If you could have an award winning tax software scan and organize all your corporate or tax clients tax returns for free, ensure 100% safety of this information in the cloud, handle every imaginable tax return around the world, and provide the lowest cost Tax Calendar on the market, would you be interested in taking a tour?

Take a tour of the AKORE Tax Calendar anytime during the month of December 2020 and all your tax documents will be scanned for free and placed on your company encrypted server or you can have it placed on Akore’s Tier 4 encrypted data center in the cloud. While other software companies will charge corporations and tax services firms thousands of dollars in onboarding and scanning fees, you will receive this valuable scanning service absolutely free when you register for a software tour anytime during December 2020.

Request The Akore Tax Calendar Tour During December 2020.


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