Ronald Marini

During my Estate Planning Attorney’s 30+ years as a senior attorney at the IRS and his subsequent career as a tax consultant, he has seen an ongoing struggle over the rate of tax to be imposed on estates.  Generally, this ebb and flow has pitted Republican Party attempts to eliminate the estate tax vs. the Democratic Party’s attempts to increase the estate tax rate.

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John Stancil

Much has been made in the press of late regarding the tax returns of the major Presidential candidates. This article is not focused on promoting either candidate, but an attempt to shed some light on these recent tax revelations.

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Kat Jennings

“The Distribution of Household Income and Federal Taxes, 2013” was published by the Congressional Budget Office last week. The report measures income taxes among financial demographics. One of the main question is, of course:

How much are the 1% paying?

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Which Presidential Candidate Tax Plan Will Keep The Largest Number Of Tax Professionals Employed?


Whenever a Presidential Election comes around everyone is talking about taxes and the IRS. With more than 3 Million tax professionals in the United States alone and business related to taxes in the Read More