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Are You A U.S. Citizen Living Outside The United States?

John Dundon - Expatriate Filing Extension

International Taxpayers Extension Request is for US taxpayers residing outside of the USA. Your 2018 income tax forms are due June 17th 2019. That date is coming up here soon and it usually catches people off guard.

If this might be you, worry not… Simply File IRS Form 4868 for automatic extension of time to file US individual tax return.

Filing this form gives you an additional 4 months (until October 15th) to file your income tax forms. However you still must estimate what your federal income tax liability will be and get that payment into the US Treasury ASAP. That payment was actually due April 15th 2019.

If you live outside of the US you should not be penalized for late payment if you pay by June 15th, but you will be assessed interest for the late payment.

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