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Nike Shifted Billions In Trademark Profits Between Subsidiaries to Avoid High Taxes in Europe

William Byrnes, Tax Advisor

ICIJ reports:

In the three years after that conference call, its after-tax profits would jump by an astounding 55 percent, to $1.88 billion, thanks in substantial part to a drop in its worldwide effective tax rate from 34.9 percent to 24.8 percent – on its way to 13.2 percent last year.

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EU Commission Proposes Tax System for Digital Sales

The European Commission is launching a new EU agenda to ensure that the digital economy is taxed in a fair and growth-friendly way. The Communication adopted by the Commission sets out the challenges Member States currently face when it comes to acting on this pressing issue and outlines possible solutions to be explored.

The aim is to ensure a coherent EU approach to taxing the digital economy that supports the Commission’s key priorities of completing the Digital Single Market and ensuring the fair land effective taxation of all companies. Today’s Communication paves the way for a legislative proposal on EU rules for the taxation of profits in the digital economy, as confirmed by President Juncker in the 2017 State of the Union. Those rules could be set out as early as spring 2018. Today’s paper should also feed into international work in this area, notably in the G20 and the OECD. Read more

Italy: New Tax Rules For New Resident

The Italian Government designed a new flat tax, under the new Article 24 bis of TUIR (consolidated law on income tax) introduced by the new Italian Budget Law 2017. The aim of this law is to revive the economic fortunes of Italy by making the country competitive with countries such as England and Spain, which have faired better in terms of cost savings and tax benefits. The Flat Tax law is designed to attract foreign persons and wealthy taxpayers that have never resided in Italy to invest in the country by not only giving incentives by way of tax rebates, but also with the splendour of Italian culture and food. Read more

Ireland Disagrees With EU’s Decision To Collect €13 Billion

Ireland previously has said it planned to shut down a much-criticized tax arrangement used by Apple Inc. to shelter over $40 billion from taxation, but will leave open an even bigger loophole that means the computer giant is unlikely to pay any more tax. The highly criticized arrangement has become known in the tax avoidance industry as the “double Irish”. This arrangement has been used by Google, Microsoft & Apple, just to name a few.  Read more

Deadline For Making Disclosure Of Foreign Income And Assets

Kat Jennings

Recent developments mean Irish tax payers must ask themselves if they have undeclared offshore income and assets and need to make a disclosure to Revenue by 30 April 2017.

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Outcomes Of The Plenary Meeting—FATF, Paris, February 2017

William Byrnes

Under the Spanish Presidency of Mr. Juan Manuel Vega-Serrano, the second Plenary meeting of Plenary year FATF-XXVIII was held.

Mr. Michel Sapin, French Minister of Finance and Public Accounts, addressed the Plenary to emphasize FATF’s important role in ensuring the integrity of the international global system from threats such as terrorist financing, and his country’s commitment to increase the traction capacity of the FATF even further.

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No Gift Tax On Transfer Of Property To Trusts, Italian Ruling

Marco Rossi

In its ruling n. 21614 of October 26, 2016 Italy’s Supreme Court considered the issue of the application of the gift tax upon the transfer of property to a trust. The issue arises under the provisions of Law n. 262 of October 3, 2006, which reinstated the gift tax. Article 2 of Law 262, at paragraph 45 and 49, while providing on the scope of the newly reinstated gift tax, refers to “legal arrangements having the effect of creating constraints or limitation on the use, enjoyment and disposition of property”, for the final benefit of a person of for a specified purpose.

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BEPS Project May Have Set Backs – EU’s Apple Decision

Ron Marini

In September, 2016, we discussed that the European Commission’s probe into Apple, which resulted in an order for the tech giant to pay up to €13 billion ($14.5 billion) in back taxes to Ireland, was prompted by a U.S. Senate investigation, European Union Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said on Friday.

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HMRC Mileage Log Requirements For Business Drives


If you drive a personal vehicle for business purposes, the business mileage deduction is a great way to save money on your tax bill. But the HMRC won’t just take your word for it, it needs proof. Here’s what the HMRC will want in your mileage log.

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MileIQ Launches Business Miles Tracker App In The United Kingdom – TaxConnections Tax Professionals Get It Free!


Our mission is to make dreaded tasks like mileage tracking easier, even delightful, so you can focus on what matters. That’s why we’re happy to say we’ve launched MileIQ for the United Kingdom. U.K. residents can now rely on MileIQ to automatically track, log and calculate the value of drives for tax or business purposes.

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Tax Authorities To Have Access to Beneficial Ownership Information By 2018!

The EU Council recently agreed on a proposal granting access for tax authorities to information held by authorities responsible for the prevention of money laundering. The directive will require EU member states to enable access to information on the beneficial ownership of companies. The effective date will apply from January 1, 2018.

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