Want To Gain Expert Knowledge And Skills Converting An Existing S Corp To An LLC? Complimentary Webinar

On Thursday, May 16th 2024, three leading experts are inviting you to a free webinar to learn cutting edge strategies on:

  • Converting an existing S corporation to an LLC on a tax-free basis to obtain “charging order” protection.
  • Simple business structuring to circumvent the $10k deduction limitation for the portion of state and local income taxes attributable to partnership/LLC and S corporation income.
  • How not to cause your client to be one of the estimated 500k+ LLCs that incorrectly thought it was going to be taxed as an S corporation but, because of certain language contained in its operating agreement, is not an S corporation.
  • Personal goodwill and the C corporation business sale – identifying situations in which double tax can be avoided.

Any one of these strategies could make the difference between you being a hero or creating a significant problem for your clients.

Please Register Here For This Complimentary Presentation filled with valuable information that will surely help your tax clients.

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