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Archive for Darlene Hart

US Supreme Court Wayfair Ruling Impacts Non-US Companies

Darlene Hart4

A US Supreme Court ruling last year is expected to impact every company that sells goods or services into the US within months, or even weeks and days. In many places, it has already begun.

The ruling, South Dakota v. Wayfair, is considered precedent-setting because of its finding that US states may charge tax on purchases made to individuals and businesses within their borders by out-of-state sellers, even if these sellers don’t have a physical presence in the state.

(Wayfair is an NYSE-listed e-commerce company based in Boston, Massachusetts. Two other defendants in the case, Inc. and Newegg, Inc., are also US-based internet retailers.)

Until the Supreme Court’s decision, states had the authority to impose a sales tax collection obligation only on businesses that were physically present within their borders.

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Most Important Set Of FATCA Regulations To Appear In Some Time If You Are A Trustee Of One Or More Documented Trusts

Darlene Hart, CEO US Tax And Financial Services

The US Internal Revenue Service and US Treasury have published what we regard as one of the most important sets of regulations to appear in some time – at least for anyone who happens to be a trustee of one or more trustee documented trusts; or who is  a compliance specialist with an institution such as a fund administrator, bank, brokerage firm  or in any other similar entity  with US persons among their clients, settlers and trust beneficiaries.

The “Regulations Relating to Verification and Certification Requirements for Certain Entities and Reporting by Foreign Financial Institutions (FFI’s),” (issued as TD 9852), focus on the way key information is provided to the US tax authorities under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) regime.

These regulations were effective as of March 25, 2019. There is obviously much to digest in this document, however, a few key points are essential to take on board for those in the business of looking after trusts with US connections, or similar cross-border arrangements involving American citizens, clients or beneficiaries.

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