A List Of Provisions Expiring In 2016

Harold Goedde

Unless Congress passes legislation to extend them, the following provisions are set to expire on December 31:


1. Credit for residential energy property [Sect 25D(g)], except for qualified solar electric property and qualified solar water heating property.
2. Credit for nonbusiness energy property [Sect 25C(g)].
3. The alternative motor vehicle credit for qualified fuel cell motor vehicles [Sect 308(k)(1)].
4. Credit for alternative fuel vehicle refueling property [Sect 30C(g)].
5. The Indian employment tax credit [Sect 45A(f)].
6. Credit for the construction of new energy efficient homes [Sect 45L(g)].
7. Energy credit for geothermal heat pump property, small wind property, and combined heat and power property [Sect 48(a)(3)(A)(vii), Sect 48(c)(4), and Sect 48(c)(3)(A)(iv)].
8. The exclusion of debt discharge income from gross income under Sect 108(a)(1)(E), known as the qualified principal residence indebtedness exclusion.
9. The itemized deduction for mortgage insurance premiums as qualified residence interest [Sect 163(h)(3)(E)(iv)].
10. The three-year depreciation for race horses two years old or younger [Sect 168(e)(3)(A)(i)(I)].
11. Deduction for energy efficient commercial buildings [Sect 179D(h)].
12. Election to deduct certain film and television production costs [Sect 181(g)].
13. The 7 ½% AGI floor for taxpayers age 65 and older [Sect 213(f)].
14. The deduction FOR AGI for qualified tuition and related education expenses [Sect 222(e)].

2017: None

2018: None


1. Health Care costs tax credit for eligible individuals [Sect 35(b)].
2. New Markets Tax Credit [Sect 45D(f)].
3. Work Opportunity tax credit [Sect 51(c)(4)].
4. Bonus depreciation, additional first-year depreciation with respect to qualified property [Sect 168(k)(1) and [Sect 460(c)(6)(B)].
5. Election to accelerate AMT credits in lieu of additional first-year depreciation [Sect 168(k) (4)].

Dr. Goedde is a former college professor who taught income tax, auditing, personal finance, and financial accounting and has 25 years of experience preparing income tax returns and consulting. He published many accounting and tax articles in professional journals. He is presently retired and does tax return preparation and consulting. He also writes articles on various aspects of taxation. During tax season he works as a volunteer income tax return preparer for seniors and low income persons in the IRS’s VITA program.

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