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Stephen Blake, CA

Rim Financing
Brisbane, Australia


Professional Summary

As a Chartered Tax Advisor and Certified Practising Accountant at RIM Financing, I drive tailored financial strategies, offer international investment guidance, and provide meticulous tax advisory services. Our consultancy specializes in personalized financial solutions, expert business structuring advice, and comprehensive administrative support.
We prioritize discretion and excellence, delivering top-tier financial services to our diverse clientele.

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Rim Financing


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June 7


Rim Financing
Brisbane, Australia
Responsible for consulting with clients on international financial strategies and investment guidance and provide tax advisory services tailored to international client needs. Provide expert business structuring and advisory, including comprehensive administrative support to diversified multinational clientele.

Advise clients on:
- Understanding Financial Goals
- Assessing Risk Tolerance
- Create A Budget And Financial Plan
- Diversification of Financial Investments
- Evaluating Tax Implications
- Emotional Decision-Making
- Risk Management Responsibilities
- Develop A Budget And Costing Plan
- Cost of Chasing Quick Profits
- Overlooking Tax Implications
- Inadequate Diversification
- Procrastination In Decision Making
- Lack Of Research Knowledge
- Danger Of Making Uninformed Decisions
- Poor Investment Decisions
- Risk Of Scams
- Missed Opportunities
- Adaption To Market Conditions
- Risk Mitigation
- Optimizing Opportunities
- Impact Of Emotions On Financial Choices
- Fear And Panic
- Greed And Excitement
- Strategies Of Keeping Emotions In Check
- Set Clear Objectives
- Create An Investment Plan
- Stay Informed
- Consult With Professionals
- Practice Patience
- Use Automation
- Neglecting Long Term Planning
- Perils Of Short Sightedness In Finance
- Missed Savings Opportunities
- Impulsive OPportunities
- Inadequate Risk Management
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