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Any recommendations on how to build my own finance app to track my financial life?

Finance App How To Build App
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Stephen Blake, CA
To design a finance app that helps users avoid common financial pitfalls, consider the following key features:

Real-Time Budget Tracking: Enable users to monitor their spending instantly to prevent overspending.
Customizable Alerts: Set up notifications for spending habits, bill due dates, and account balances to avoid late fees and overdrafts.
Educational Content: Provide financial tips and advice to help users make informed decisions.
Goal Setting and Tracking: Allow users to set and track financial goals, encouraging disciplined spending.
Spending Analysis: Offer insights into spending patterns to help users identify and cut unnecessary expenses.
Debt Management Tools: Include calculators and strategies for effective debt repayment.
Savings Guidance: Integrate automated savings options and basic investment advice.
User Customization: Allow personalization according to individual financial situations and goals.
Account Integration: Enable linking of various financial accounts for a comprehensive financial overview.
Robust Security: Ensure strong security measures to protect user data and maintain privacy.
These features can guide users in avoiding financial mistakes and achieving better financial management.
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