What Is A Virtual Tax Office?

A Virtual Tax Office is an office in the cloud that enables tax advisors to work remotely from any location worldwide with a cellphone and/or laptop. A Virtual Tax Office ensures freedom, flexibility, organization, improved efficiency and greatly reduces administrative and overhead costs for tax advisors.

What Are The Benefits Of A Virtual Tax Office?

There are many benefits to having a Virtual Tax Office: 1) You gain marketing technology that drives new clients to you. 2) You gain a Virtual Tax Office that significantly reduces your business costs. 3) You gain a backup business portal in case your office computers go down. 4) You gain access to the very best deals on tax products, services and education. 5) You gain the freedom and flexibility to travel and work from any location.

How Much Is A Virtual Tax Office?

A Virtual Tax Office is only $299.95 per year. We offer a special three year lock-in rate of $299.95 for the First 1000 Virtual Tax Office Members who register at this Tax Professional Membership Link.
( Limited Time Offer- When Sold Out This Offer Will Be Closed Out)

What Comes With A Virtual Tax Office?

TaxConnections Members are enjoying our marketing abilities as we drive a steady stream of client prospects to our paid members right now. Members also enjoy that clients Send A Message for free. We have taken TaxConnections Members to the next level in building innovative Virtual Tax Offices for them. We currently have complimentary products and services in Virtual Tax Offices in addition to products and services which can be activated to suit each members preferences. This provides our members with the greatest flexibility to obtain services that can be opted into at very low costs generally not available anywhere else. Our full line of products and services will be implemented in the weeks to come. We will start announcing new products each month as we embed these extraordinary add-on services into Virtual Tax Offices.

Does A New Client Referred Through TaxConnections Mean I Must Pay A Fee?

TaxConnections Members never pay a referral fee to us. Every client you meet on TaxConnections is yours as we just make introductions and you take it from there. Once you have paid for a TaxConnections Membership you receive free referral business from us. When prospective clients call into TaxConnections, we only refer them to paid members, we do not refer to members who do not pay for a subscription membership. Our paid members are always our priority.

Can I Place My Current Software Links In My Virtual Tax Office?

Yes, in the 4th quarter of 2017 we will have a service available to customize your Virtual Tax Office. We know many tax professionals want to embed their own software links into their Virtual Tax Offices. They may currently have tax software or accounting software in the cloud that they want us to embed. If they want in the cloud software we can provide it for them. There will be a one-time customization fee for your Virtual Tax Office, only if you want customization which includes every link and service you currently use. This ensures zero disruption to your business operations. This also ensures you can access your Virtual Tax Office from any location in the world with internet connection. We do not enter your software links so we do not require any passcodes – we only embed the links to customize your Virtual Tax Office for you. We know our members will be thrilled to have a Virtual Tax Office as a backup plan to access their business if their computer equipment is not working or they are on the road traveling. A Virtual Tax Office gives our members the freedom to roam.

Where Do I Register To Be One Of The First 1000 Virtual Tax Office VIPs?

We highly recommend you become a Virtual Tax Office VIP 1000 Member now. It is only $299.95 Annual Subscription. Registering will give you a lock-in rate for the next three years. This means your annual Virtual Tax Office Subscription will not be increased for this group of Virtual Tax Office VIP 1000 Members. It remains $299.95 for three years in a row.

If you want to upgrade your Virtual Tax Office and have all your current tax and accounting software links embedded into your Virtual Tax Office, we will do so for you with a one - time set-up deposit. Once we set it up for you we will also make it easy for you to change the links anytime you like. We realize you will see extraordinary opportunities to change software at prices that are very attractive to you. We will bring you tax software you will love from big companies who want to earn your business. You will see continuous changes, upgrades and opportunities to reduce your business costs.

How Can I Get To The Front Of The Line In Customization Of My Virtual Tax Office?

We are now taking deposits for Virtual Tax Office Customization with your current software links. Each Virtual Tax Office will be customized in order of the date the fee for customization is paid. It is best to get your deposit in early to be the first in line for customization. You do not need it now but these services will be available on a first come first serve basis. We already have deposits for customization. If you currently do not have any software links to place in your Virtual Tax Office, you will not need this service. There will be great software you can simply turn on and purchase in your Virtual Tax Office.

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