What Is A Virtual Office?

A Virtual Office in the cloud enables professionals to work from any location worldwide with a cellphone and/or laptop. A Virtual Office ensures freedom, flexibility, organization, improved efficiency and greatly reduces business and overhead costs.

What Are The Benefits Of A Virtual Office?

There are many benefits to having a Virtual Office:
- You gain marketing technology that drives new business to you.
- You significantly reduce your business and overhead costs.
- You gain a backup business portal in case your office computers go down.
- You gain access to the very best deals on products, services and education.
- You gain the freedom and flexibility to travel and work from any location.

How Much Is A Virtual Office?

A Virtual Office is included with a Tax Professional Membership of $299.95 annually. Based upon your preferences, you can also purchase add-ons in your Virtual Office for a fee.

What Comes With A Virtual Office?

- You gain a webpage that advertises and promotes your business.
- You gain a marketing platform that drives new business to you.
- You gain complimentary messages from prospective new clients.
- You gain access to resources that reduce your business costs.
- You can have professional links to software embedded in your virtual office.

Can I Place My Current Software Links In My Virtual Office?

Yes, we have a service available to customize your Virtual Office. We know professionals want to embed their own software links into their Virtual Offices. You may have tax software or accounting software in the cloud that you want us to embed. There will be a one-time customization fee for Virtual Office only if you want customization which includes every link and service you currently use. This ensures zero disruption to your business operations. This also ensures you can access your Virtual Office from any location in the world with internet connection. A Virtual Office gives our members the freedom to roam.

How Can I Customize My Virtual Office?

The TaxConnections Team will customize your Virtual Office to optimize your links, for a minimal charge. We are now taking deposits for Virtual Office customization with your current software links. Each Virtual Office will be customized in order of the date the fee for customization is paid. If you currently do not have any software links to place in your Virtual Office, you will not need this service. There will be software at low prices you can simply turn on and purchase in your Virtual Office.

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