The Following Are Testimonials From TaxConnections Members:

"TaxConnections is an amazing website. Indeed, one has to wonder why no one else had thought of it before. But it is now clear that TaxConnections is becoming one of the key places to go and key places to be for the international tax community."
Howard Liebman, Brussels, Belgium

“TaxConnections is the preeminent platform for leading tax professionals looking for both a tax technical forum as well as a business development vehicle to grow and expand one’s Tax Practice in terms of lead generation and new engagement wins.”
Peter J. Scalise, Federal Tax Credits & Incentives Practice Leader for the Americas, Prager Metis CPAs, LLC

“I want you to know that I got a new client from TaxConnections, and it may be the largest single tax project I have ever done.”
George Prytula III, CPA, Orlando , Florida

“I am forever grateful for TaxConnections generosity of time, exceptional advice, and unwavering commitment of energy to the realization of my career ambitions. I am now building a lucrative revenue stream through my online ASC 740/FAS 109 training courses that are now promoted and distributed on TaxConnections.”
Shamen Dugger, JD, CPA

“TaxConnections has repeatedly gone out of their way to promote the Enrolled Agent Exam Courses. I am very excited about the relationship that has developed with TaxConnections. TaxConnections focus on providing tax education to tax professionals and taxpayers on-demand is leading innovation in tax services.”
Eva Rosenberg, Tax Mama, Nationally Recognized Enrolled Agent Exam Trainer

"Since connecting with TaxConnections, my tax practice has benefitted from new business from markets I never had access to before."
Claire McNamara, Dublin, Ireland

“I am already realizing great benefits from TaxConnections. Recently, I was at a standstill in terms of setting up a new website that offers my instructional videos in the area of church and clergy taxes. When I discovered TaxConnections created the only platform in the world that enables me to upload my instructional videos on church and clergy, my tax blogs, answer to tax questions, I realized the great benefits.”
John Stancil, MBA, DBA, Church Tax Solutions, Church and Clergy Tax Expert Advisor, Lakeland, Florida

“Kat has vision. I am not an easy person to impress but Kat's dream and vision won me over. She sees what needs to be done and has created a vehicle with a fantastic crew with commonality of intensity, creativity, pride, knowledge, and vision.”
Stu Sobel, Nationally Recognized Tax Educator/Nonprofit Taxation and Governance, Tax Media Network, Carmel, Indiana



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