Secret To Retain Tax Staff: Support Tax Teams Technical Growth

Secret To Retain Tax Staff


Over the years, we have learned one true and tested fact… if you want to attract and retain your tax staff they are hungry to increase their tax knowledge and technical skills. The Number One reason  tax staff turnover rate is so high is their desire to learn and grow in their careers. Create opportunities for technical growth and they will stay with you longer. Immersing your tax team in a steady education program is the secret to retaining them longer. Tax team members will benefit greatly from educational opportunities inside and outside their primary areas of tax expertise. A successful tax leader will provide tax professional team members more educational opportunities to grow. Whether you are leading a corporate tax organization or a public accounting firm, there is a wonderful opportunity to connect with great trainers in other specialities. The firm Source Advisors offers a list of complimentary tax courses, and they even develop custom training courses for your tax organization. It is their way to build familiarity with their level of expertise in and build trusted business relationships.

The more effort you put into the professional growth and development of your tax team, the longer they will stay with your organization.

Take this opportunity to contact Eric Larson to arrange complimentary training courses for your tax team(415-730-5247 or to arrange in house tax training course for your tax team. We set aside a meeting each Monday morning as a warm up to our week and goals to meet. We also communicate what everyone on the team is focused on to encourage team collaboration. This is a wonderful technique to build team support, focus on team projects and retain staff longer.

Contact Eric Larson at Source Advisors to request complimentary tax training for your tax team.

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