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Taxpayer First Act Report To Congress January 2021

IRS Report To Congress


The Taxpayer First Act (TFA) was enacted on July 1st, 2019 with strong bipartisan support to reimagine and enhance the way we serve taxpayers, continue to enforce the tax laws in a fair and impartial manner, and train IRS employees to deliver a world-class customer experience. The Act consists of 45 provisions, including specific mandates to improve the taxpayer experience. There are three critical plans included in this report (Taxpayer Experience, Training, and Organizational Redesign). These plans lay out a vision to revolutionize tax administration in our country for the 253 million citizens who interact with the IRS annually, and ensure that the $3.6 trillion of federal revenue that the IRS collects annually will continue. This is an inspirational vision that builds on work that is already underway and provides an investment framework for evaluating IRS funding levels in future years. However, without the commitment of significant multi-year funding, the IRS cannot make the taxpayer improvements necessary to maintain trust and confidence in the federal government and its tax collection system.

Highly-quality, personalized service is key to helping taxpayers understand and comply with their reporting obligations, well-trained employees provide excellent taxpayer service, and a streamlined organizational structure makes it easier for taxpayers and employees to navigate the agency and get the help they need. Strong technology infrastructure is critical to delivering on this vision.

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