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Tax Consultants Wanted For Tax Gig Assignments


With the gig economy creating more options for tax consultants around the world, becoming a freelance professional, finding work and getting paid on time are more attractive than ever before. The technology platform developed by is now the “go to platform” for tax professionals who desire consulting work in the profession.

Visitors are spending more time on TaxConnections than on LinkedIn or Facebook when they are searching for a tax consultant as proven on Amazon Alexa Analytics. “Although our metrics vary month to month, for the past two years we have outperformed LinkedIn and Facebook on number of page views and time spent on our site because when our visitors arrive they are interested in the tax professional members on our site.” states CEO Kat Jennings.

Now is the time for tax consultants to jump in and make themselves known on a site that is promoting a tax professionals who desire a tax gig. Tax Consultants joining us are gaining great new clients due to the gig economy.

The word “gig” originated from the 1920s jazz scene in which jazz musicians used slang and referred to performances as gigs. Today, the term “gig” is associated with a free market system in which individuals or businesses hire independent contractors, freelancers and short-term workers for specialized tasks, assignments or jobs. In the “gig economy” or “freelance economy,” workers earn all or part of their incomes from short-term contracts under which they are paid for individual tasks and assignments.

In many ways, the gig economy facilitates the desire of generations of workers for greater flexibility in work-life demands. No matter what motivates gig workers, the desire to work remote has caused the gig economy to grow significantly. The advantages of gig work are many and the tax, accounting and legal profession are now greatly benefiting from the trend. Benefits include flexibility to work from any location and at any time of the day; unlimited independence to work around what is important in their personal  lives; and a wide variety of work to keeps them technically growing and energized.

Gigs are the NextGen workforce in businesses  around the globe. We have corporate clients and firms outsourcing work to reduce costs and we will work to position our tax consulting members directly in front of these hiring decision-makers.

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TaxConnections Admin

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