Tax Compliance: What You Need To Know Before You Travel

Thinking of moving to Mexico or Belize to live comfortably? Are you making an income in Mexico or the US you have not reported to the US government? Mexico has changed their tax laws and tax penalties and you need to be aware of them. Mexico now wants to know how much money you have in your US ban accounts.

You must be compliant and Maurice Glazer shares his experience working with taxpayers who decided to move to Belize or Mexico to live. Avoid getting arrested and having your US passport confiscated by being compliant.


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Maurice Glazer, CEO of the tax advisory firm Glazer Financial Network, offers a wide range of customized financial services to clients. This includes protecting and preserving your assets through proper financial planning and tax savings strategies. The firm is recognized for running the day to day operations of businesses so clients can focus on their core competencies.


One thought on “Tax Compliance: What You Need To Know Before You Travel

  1. Avatar Nononymous says:

    I imagine a few other warning signs would happen first before one is arrested and has their passport confiscated. Not advocating breaking the laws of your new host country, just pointing out that fear shouldn’t be the first reaction.

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