Warning On Cryptocurrency in 401(k)s

DOL Releases Warning on Cryptocurrency in 401(k)s.  On April 11, 2022 William Byrnes Posted This Message Under Tax Notes Intelligence

The Department of Labor (DOL) issued a compliance assistance release that warns retirement plan fiduciaries about allowing participants to invest in either cryptocurrencies or products that are related to cryptocurrency.  The guidance comes in response to President Biden’s executive order that directed agencies to study the risks and benefits of cryptocurrency.  The DOL release warned that in the eyes of the DOL, cryptocurrency poses significant risks and challenges for participants, including the risk of fraud, theft and loss.  The release is clear that plan fiduciaries who allow cryptocurrency investment options should expect to be questioned about how those decisions could comply with their duties of prudence and loyalty.  Plan fiduciaries should pay close attention and carefully evaluate whether allowing crypto-related products in their investment lineup is worth the risk, given the DOL’s sweeping statements and indication that it will presume that a fiduciary who offers cryptocurrency products has acted imprudently.

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