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Know Of A Tax Problem That Affects More Than One Taxpayer?

IRS Tax Problem Affecting Many Taxpayers

You can help the Taxpayer Advocate Service tackle the “big-picture” problems in the IRS or the tax law by reporting them to us. These systemic issues:

  • Always affect multiple taxpayers;
  • Don’t apply to just one taxpayer (but if you personally have an unresolved IRS problem, TAS may be able to help);
  • Involve IRS systems, policies, and procedures;
  • Involve protecting taxpayer rights, reducing burden, ensuring fair treatment, or providing essential taxpayer services.

Read our FAQs for additional information on submitting systemic issues.

How can I report one of these issues?

Use the button below to submit your issue on our Systemic Advocacy Management System (SAMS). SAMS is a database of issues and information reported by IRS employees and the public. (If you’re an IRS employee, please use the internal version of SAMS on the IRS intranet).

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