In NASCAR Holdings, Inc. v. Testa, decided December 21, 2017, the Ohio Supreme Court held that the filing of a notice of appeal with the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals (“BTA”) by an attorney not licensed in Ohio did not deprive the BTA of jurisdiction over the appeal.  The Court followed the plurality opinion in Jemo Assoc., Inc. v. Lindley, 64 Ohio St.2d 365 (1980), which reversed the BTA’s dismissal of the appeal because it was filed by a corporate accountant.  Jemo stated that the proper inquiry in determining whether the notice of appeal invoked the BTA’s jurisdiction is whether the person who filed the notice of appeal was authorized by the taxpayer to file the appeal. Read More

There are extensive rights that are available to taxpayers at the commencement of an audit in South Africa.

They are contained in the Tax Administration Act (TAA), the Constitution and the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act. These issues are dealt with in the series of presentations that revolve around tax controversies in Africa and South Africa by Dr Daniel N. Erasmus, a tax controversy specialist in Africa, who resides and consults from the USA. What follows is a recent article published in South Africa about the aggressive moves by SARS:

ARTICLE – THE South African Revenue Service (SARS) is adopting more aggressive tactics to extract information from taxpayers as it tries to achieve a revenue target during a Read More

Ride Or Die In The International Tax Arena

The U.S. economy has become more global, lining up in the race to the top. However, with multinational economic activities revving their gears, some tax practitioners are growing fast and furious. To them, it doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile; winning is winning. As a result, some choose to violate U.S. laws as long as their advice is legal abroad while others evade taxes in foreign countries without breaking rules in the U.S. However, if you’ve been exploiting the legal arbitrage opportunities resulting from the gaps created by the interaction of different regimes, expect the IRS to go ‘ejecto seato, cuz’ on you and your clients very soon. Read More