Ron Marini

We posted 144 Offshore Banks & Now Financial Advisors Are Turning Over Your Names To The IRS where we discussed the Government has added 47 more banks and financial advisors to this list bringing the number to 144 total banks and foreign financial advisors. Included in this list as #137 is Stefan Buck (effective 11/15/16).

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The acquittal of Raoul Weil, the only Swiss banker to have prevailed over the U.S. government in an offshore tax evasion case, has become a source of inspiration for dozens of others who find themselves in a similar situation – indicted and living in Switzerland. As a result, many have become emboldened to come out of the shadows and start fighting.

Let’s set the stage. More than twenty so-called “enablers” are still “at large” overseas. As “fugitives from justice,” they have yet to answer charges leveled by the Department of Justice that they assisted U.S. clients in evading their taxes. Those that have had the misfortune of having their names added to this dreadful list have much to lose by way of reputation. Indeed, they are “professionals” in every sense of the word: bankers, lawyers, and advisers. Read More