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Are You An Amazon FBA Seller Who Owes California Taxes? You Need To Act Right Now!

Monika Miles - Amazon FBA

Does your company now, or has it in the past, taken advantage of Fulfillment by Amazon (“FBA”), and did you recently receive a letter stating you owe California taxes? This blog post explains why you cannot ignore this letter. Please contact us right away if you need help navigating your next steps!

Physical Presence Nexus And Fulfillment By Amazon

Back before Wayfair made headlines and the concept of economic nexus became a household term, essentially giving states the ability to pursue collection of sales tax from internet retailers, “physical presence” still established nexus within a state. A variety of factors determined physical presence nexus, such as employees located within a state, or owning or renting property within the state.

One such obvious physical presence item coming into play for a lot of companies that participate in FBA is inventory. If a company’s physical property (inventory) is held within a state (even if held in a third-party warehouse, like Amazon’s), it creates nexus, or taxable presence, for the company. That means that the company is then responsible for collecting and remitting the state’s sales/use tax and also filing income tax returns in the state.

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Tax Residency VS Physical Presence: 4 Questions You Must Ask

John Richardson

An introduction to “tax residency.”

Most people equate residency with physical presence. The thinking is that “your residence is where you live”. There is no necessary correlation between where one lives and where one is a “tax resident”. Residence for tax purposes may be only minimally related to residency for immigration purposes. It is possible for people to live in only one country and be a tax resident of multiple countries. The most obvious example is “U.S. citizens residing outside the United States”.

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