TaxConnections Podcast Feature

TaxConnections Membership means we are doing everything possible for our site members to connect with the millions of taxpayers who come to find a professional with a set of special skills. In the case of Addison Henry, CEO Of Vine Investment Partners in Lafayette, Louisiana he collaborates with companies to mitigate and lower their federal tax liability by acquiring and investing in federal tax credits. His firms meticulous underwriting process ensures that every opportunity is thoroughly evaluated, parameters are defined, and a diligently vetted tax credit prospect is presented to each of the firms valued partners. We give Addison the highest recommendation as a trusted advisor with specialized expertise in federal tax credits investments.

Take the time to listen to TaxConnections newest profile feature (Podcast Upload) that enables our members to upload their podcasts on their professional page:

Our new Podcast upload feature is a great way to listen and learn about Addison Henry. We know listening to his podcast is a great way to get to know him better.

We encourage all TaxConnections Members to upload a Podcast to their Profile Page. Simply Login; Click on “Welcome Your Name” in green in the upper righthand corner of your computer screen; Then click on Virtual Office where you can upload Podcasts or articles in public or private view. Keeping all your assets in one professional profile location makes it easy for people to learn more about you. All this information builds trust(i.e. Professional Profile Page, Podcasts, Blog Articles, Q&As, Easily Accessible Contact Information, References, etc.) Clients want to work with people they trust. Addison Henry is someone you can trust to do a great job.

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