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New IRS Form 8971 ”Information Regarding Beneficiaries Acquiring Property From A Decedent”


Section 2004 of the “SURFACE TRANSPORTATION ACT OF 2015” implements new reporting or what may otherwise be called “stepped up basis conformity”, for executors to ensure basis of assets inherited by heirs of an estate is in agreement with the value determination for federal estate tax purposes.

Section 6035 of the IRC is the NEW provision that outlines the requirement to provide basis information to persons acquiring property from decedents. Domestic estates filing IRS Form 706 or 706-A, or non-resident estates filing IRS Form 706-NA are affected by the new reporting provisions. Generally filing of these returns is done where taxable estate value exceeds the requirement to file threshold. For domestic estates, the 2015 threshold is $5.43M.
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To File Or Not To File Form 706?

In our Estate Tax Counsel’s 32 year career as a senior attorney at IRS International Estate Tax, perhaps the greatest bone of contention, certainly the hardest fought issue, was over domicile, whether to file a Form 706 or a Form 706 NA.  The stakes in terms of tax dollars often was in the millions of dollars. The estate of a US citizen or domiciliary is subject to FET on a world-wide basis  while nonresident aliens estates are subject to tax on assets with a “situs” in the US pursuant to section 2104 of the IRC.

There is no dispute about the fact that if a decedent is a US citizen dying with an estate of over $5.4 million, a 706 needs to be filed. What about US residents? If the resident is not a citizen, it may well raise the issue of which tax return is correct. Most attorneys and accountants deal with income tax, not estate tax. There is a sharp dichotomy between the Read more

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