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Over 8500 Tax Incentive Zones Throughout The U.S. Allow Employers To Claim Percentage Of Credits For Wages

Blake Christian - Tax Credits And Incentives
Hiring Tax Credits

An abundance of Federal and California hiring tax credits can offset your tax liability on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

Is your business potentially missing out on significant tax refunds which can offer you enhanced cash flow and a competitive advantage? Numerous federal and state tax hiring tax credits and incentives can offset your tax liability on a dollar-for-dollar basis. Any missed credits for past years can be secured via amended returns for at least the past three years, and to the extent the credits cannot be used in the prior or current year, liberal carryover rules generally apply. Federal and California hiring tax credits are abundant and should never be overlooked by those who have the potential to take advantage of them.

The significance of hiring tax credits is especially true for businesses when hiring employees. There are over 8,500 tax incentive zones throughout the country which generally allow employers to claim credits for a percentage of wages paid to employees meeting certain criteria at the time of hire. Which hiring tax credit and other incentive programs you qualify for.

Hiring Tax Credits Available to You

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