Practice Ignition: Introducing The Pipeline Widget

In the past few weeks, we’ve been working on content around centralizing your client relationship data so that you can do a deep dive into those relationships, their status, inclusions and revenue with the hope that you can build a better practice once you have a decent source of truth.

This week, we’re excited to introduce you to the pipeline widget within Practice Ignition, another great addition to the dashboard. The new pipeline functionality allows you to visualize your momentum and success with the firm.

How to use the new pipeline widget

To use the pipeline widget effectively, it should outline your progress towards your growth goals by highlighting your trends month on month:

  • Conversion rates $ and % to grow each month
  • New $MRR up on last month
  • Time for a client to accept should be trending down – highlighting you’re getting better at converting more clients.

If you can achieve the above changes in those key metrics, you’ll see a boost in revenue in coming months and start to achieve the compounding monthly recurring revenue most cloud practices are striving for (even the big 4) as they move to a cloud business model.

Don’t fudge the data

Make sure you send out every proposal and write it off by lost (if the client doesn’t accept) or revoked (to cancel duplicates or proposals sent in error) so you get accurate metrics for % conversion, time to acceptance and an accurate funnel picture.

Future of analytics at Practice Ignition

We are working towards the next layer of depth for analytics and data research so you can segment and report per partner, team, service, tag and the list go on….

Stay tuned for further development as we’ll be focusing on how you use data to improve your decisions in coming weeks, so you can better use Practice Ignition to plan and run your practice more efficiently.

Using the dashboard to plan your year

Following on from recent blogs on business intelligence, we wanted to share how you can use the existing dashboard to plan, compare and exceed/get back on target for the year you’re currently working on.

If you are interested in using Practice Ignition and want to learn more, join us for a free webinar July 26, 2017 at 4 PM ET/ 1PM PT.

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